October 2013: This month I have mostly been…

Feeling: tired 

A combination of having a few busy weeks at work and not getting enough sleep on weekends (four hours sleep on a museum floor at Dinosnores on a Saturday night is definitely not enough sleep), plus completing my first 10k run have all left me very much in need of a holiday.

This was a book that I read for my first ever book club so I didn’t pick it myself. Had I picked it for myself I’m not sure that I would have actually made it to the end as I really struggled to get into it. It had a Forrest Gump style to it but ran two main narratives concurrently which I found annoying and disjointed. I also struggled to get a handle on the main character and found that none of the characters actually developed beyond the acts they did, there was little or no consideration given to their motivations or feelings. I found it superficial and silly. However, practically everyone else in my book club disagreed and thought it was very funny and that the protagonist was a real ‘character’. So maybe it’s one of those marmite books.

Watching: Made In Chelsea 

While I should have better things to do with my life than watch trashy TV, I can’t help myself, I justify it to myself on the basis that it is now BAFTA award winning (!). Its sixth season started this month and it just keeps getting better, I’ve even managed to get my boyfriend hooked on it and he’s so anti-trashy TV.

Coveting: photographic equipment 

Ideally I’d like to upgrade my point and shoot (Canon S95 which I’ve owned for maybe three years now) to something slightly better as I often miss the quality of photo taken by my DSLR. I’d also love a macro lens (100mm f2.8 L USM IS), fisheye lens (8-15mm f4 L USM) and wider prime lens (24mm f1.4 L II USM) for my DSLR. Plus a newer version of Photoshop and maybe a new computer to run it on. Not much then! I’m hoping that I can save and have at least one or two of these by this time next year.

Planning: for lots of visitors 

We moved into our flat in May from a shared house and I think most people have left us to settle in before visiting but in the space of about four weeks we will have had three sets of visitors. So, in addition to lots of cleaning and tidying in preparation, I’ve also spent a lot of time planning as to where to take them and what to do in this here London.