Monica Vinader jewellery – my latest purchase

Back in April I finally qualified in my chosen career, a career that I first chose when I was 12. In the 15 years since I decided on my fate, I have planned every step towards that ultimate goal of qualifying. I made sure my grades were up to scratch, I did work experience that would look good on my UCAS form so I could get into university and once in university I joined societies, took on positions of responsibility, did further work experience and secured the all important 2:1 degree, all to make sure that my applications screamed ‘Pick me! Pick me!’. It wasn’t the smooth ride I was hoping for and there has been a bit of an alternative route to the goal (not least because of that pesky recession playing havoc with graduate recruitment across the industry), but I got there eventually and hopefully more confidant, experienced and well-rounded because of it.

It was a big moment though when I did qualify. So I wanted to celebrate it with something tangible and lasting, fancy meals and champagne are all very well and good but they’re over far too quickly. Jewellery however…..

So I started the search. I don’t usually wear a lot of jewellery and tend to rely on cheap costume jewellery for those events/outfits that require a new bracelet or pair of earrings, but this time I wanted something I loved and that would be special to me. Somehow I stumbled across the Monica Vinder website and fell in love with the simple but beautiful range of jewellery. I fell in love with the small nugget ring in silver with a labradorite stone.

I had no idea what my ring size was (I said I didn’t do a lot of jewellery!) so paid a visit to the South Molten Street store where the lovely shop assistant took one look at my finger, pronounced that I should try a size J to begin with, well, I didn’t need to try anymore, it was a perfect fit (that’s expertise right there!). As all of the stones have natural varations in, I picked out my favourite and I walked out with it on my finger, which recreated that happy feeling of walking out of a shop when I was a kid wearing a new pair of shoes.

Monica Vinader jewellery labradorite ring

Although the stone in the picture looks fairly grey it’s actually more of a deep green which changes colour depending on the light it’s in. One of the stones I looked at even had a flash of peacock blue running through it. I love it though and it’s hardly left my finger since I bought it.

The thing with my profession is that qualifying doesn’t necessarily guarantee a job, so although I had a little certificate saying I was qualified, it didn’t mean as much without a job to go with it. I promised myself that when I got a job, that would be a reason to treat myself to another Monica Vinader piece.

A while ago now I was offered a job in the firm I trained with, although it’s only now that I’ve got round to treating myself to a celebratory gift. Here’s what I opted for:

Monica Vinader jewellery labradorite necklace

As it’s getting into winter, I realised that I may end up wearing my ring less because it’s probably not as convenient with winter gloves constantly being put on and pulled off, so I bought myself the necklace equivalent. This is the 18″ necklace with the siren medium bezel pendant in labradorite.

But, while I was on the site I also got tempted by these:

Monica Vinader jewellery rose gold rose quartz necklace Monica Vinader jewellery rose gold rose quartz necklace

Here’s one where you can see both a bit better:

Monica Vinader jewellery rose gold rose quartz necklace engraved

This is the 22-24″ rolo chain, siren medium bezel pendant with rose quartz and Ava small round pendant, all in rose gold.

I’ve been lusting after something rose gold for ages (in particular a Michael Kors watch) but was always put off by the fact that rose gold is generally only a plating on silver, so over time it can wear off and will require re-plating. Monica Vinader guarantee the plating for a year and after that will re-plate items for a fee (starting at £10). Plus I reasoned that the plating on a necklace will get much less worn out than say, a watch, which would constantly be rubbing on my sleeves, desk etc.

Rather than leave the pendant plain, I decided to take advantage of the free engraving service. You can pick from three different lettering styles and can have both the front and back engraved. I opted for my initial on the front and my qualification date on the back (I know that’s a bit sad but it’s something I worked for for 15 years, so I think I’m allowed).

Monica Vinader jewellery rose gold necklace engraved

In addition to their existing stores and stockists, Monica Vinader have just opened a shiny new store in Canary Wharf, so if you want to see the range in real life you have plenty of places where you can do so. Although, delivery when ordering online was super fast. In fact, I think my only real complaint, if you can call it that, is that not all stones are available in all styles, I’d love a rose quartz or lapis small siren ring in silver, but they don’t currently offer that combination (I can always hope for next season though).

The brand is loved by celebrities and the prices make them perfect for a special treat or a gift for friends or family. I’m keeping the Ava friendship bracelets in mind for personalised Christmas gifts.

Monica Vinader jewellery