Spice World singalong at the Prince Charles Cinema

I’m not much of a cinema person, but the Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square is one of my favourite London places. Only minutes from the Leicester Square Odeon where all of the big film premieres are held, the Prince Charles Cinema (PCC) could not be more different. Firstly, it’s an independent cinema with only two screens. Secondly, their biggest draw is not the latest in the Hunger Games franchise, but is instead a selection of indie films, movie marathons, quote alongs and singalongs.

I’ve seen a few things at the PCC since I’ve been in London including a showing of The Princess Bride which wasn’t meant to be a quote along but which quickly turned into one (as you wish…..) and a three film Studio Ghibli selectrospective (over 5 hours of Ghibli). But I haven’t yet been to a singalong.

They normally do the obvious singalongs so Sound of Music, Wizard of Oz etc, but this December they offered a selection of singalongs that completely appealed to me – Muppets Christmas Carol, The Nightmare Before Christmas and SPICE WORLD!
I should probably explain that I was 10 when Wannabe came out and it was the first single I ever bought (on tape) and I quickly became a massive Spice Girls fan (Posh was, and still is, my favourite). I had the albums, the posters from Smash Hits magazine, the collectable photo collection and album, the t-shirts, I even bought lemon flavoured Chupa Chups because Posh endorsed them. Girl Power took over my tween life. The best thing though was going to see them in concert at Don Valley Area in Sheffield (to my tween self they were amazing).
So, when the PCC announced that they were doing a Spice World singalong, my inner 11 year old squealed in delight and my outer 27 year old booked tickets.

We turned up on Sunday and took our seats in the upstairs cinema. As people filed in I was surprised to find that the majority of attendees were Spice Boys, I definitely thought that the fangirls would be in the majority.

They ran two showings on the Friday night before and I understand that a few people did turn up in costume, sadly no such hijinks on Sunday night. After an introduction from Santa himself and a bit of audience participation (spice up your life), the film began.

After 16 years, it’s really funny and weird to see the film again, especially as all of the Spices have moved on and grown up now. It’s fabulously kitschy and camp and, as Santa said, it still makes no sense. It is hit packed though and one thing that I didn’t realise/appreciate when I was 11 was how star-packed the film is – it’s got more celebrities making a cameo appearances than the Harry Potter films!

It’s also packed with hits and all of the words and songs came flooding back to me. Less so for my boyfriend though, who was dragged along under sufferance and who was viewing the film for a first time and not as an ex-fan. I spent the whole film singing along at the top of my voice. In fact, my only complaint was probably that the volume was a little loud, I think that part of the fun with singalongs is getting to hear a little bit of the audience participation. Although on the other hand, I think it’s definitely a good thing when my singing is drowned out!

If you’re an ex-fan (or maybe even fancy seeing it for the very first time!), the PCC have announced their January event planner and they’re doing another showing on Friday 10 January at 9pm!

Although ticket prices are really reasonable at the PCC (special event tickets are generally more expensive but still really good value, especially when you consider the location), if you want discounted tickets to films at the PCC (at least £2.50 discount a time) then they offer memberships (annual at £10 or lifetime at £50), they’d be the perfect Christmas gift for a London-based film lover! Memberships are available for purchase via the website or at the Box Office.

  • LOVE the PCC, they show such amazing films. I saw the Labyrinth there just after I moved to London and It was so much fun, full of fans who quoted along with the film. Never made it to a sing-along though, Spiceworld would have been an amazing one to go to!