February 2014: This month I have mostly been…

Feeling: Full
After I kickstarted the year with a detox, this month has definitely been Foodie February.
We started with my boyfriend’s family coming down which meant dinner at an Italian, lunch the next day at Poppies and the World’s Best Brownie. Then it was Valentine’s Day so we went to The Fable Bar, we went out for dinner the other night to our favourite little Thai restaurant, Suchard, the first restaurant we made our own in London.
Oh and of course I have visited KERB at the Gherkin every Thursday lunch.

It’s not even done yet either, I’m off to Rodizio Lebanon tomorrow night.
Reading: The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt
I am still reading The Goldfinch and according to the Kindle, I am about 30% of the way through. I’m still really not sure about the Kindle, but I’m persevering with it. However, I do have the book on pre-order at Amazon for when it gets released on paperback (currently around June).

Well over a year ago now we started watching Friday Night Lights at my boyfriend’s instigation. I was concerned about a drama centred around an American football team as I’m really not a sports fan. However, he coaxed me into watching the first episode and after that I realised that it wasn’t about the football at all.

Over the course of five seasons I have laughed, despaired and cried so many times. Now we have one episode left to watch and I’m not sure that I can actually bear to watch it. I’m not sure how I’ll let go. If you fancy a real drama and real characters, definitely get it (it’s now available in a boxset on Amazon, although we’ve been watching on Netflix).
Coveting: A Gluggle Jug
After lunch at FISHBone, where we had drinks served in a Gluggle Jug, we enquired about whether they were available to buy. Unfortunately they had run out of the stock they had had before Christmas so I turned to my old friend, Google. Google quickly revealed that there are whole sites dedicated to selling Gluggle Jugs.

Because I desperately wanted one, I whipped out my card and ordered a lime green one (we even went for the same colour we had at FISHBone because apparently the colour reminded my boyfriend of crockery his great Aunt used to have). Now we’re all ready to surprise visitors when serving drinks with an added gluggle.
Planning: All sorts of fun things for the next few months
Some of the things that I’m excited about which are coming up over the next few months are:
  • A tour of the Gherkin
  • RCA Secret
  • The re-opening of the Olympic Park and the FINA World Diving Series (London)
  • My birthday!