Every time I’ve written about a restaurant on this blog I’ve probably mentioned that my boyfriend is a pescetarian. I am not a pescetarian. I like meat, a lot.
Generally we eat a lot of fish and quorn but when I’m on my own or if we go out to a restaurant, I am definitely picking the meat option. However, the downside of that is that when we go out for dinner we can’t ever share and try each other’s food. This generally works out ok for me because obviously I can try his food and don’t have to share when my food is really good, but we do miss out on that annoyingly coupley thing of trying a bit of everything.

I might have also mentioned on this blog that I love a pop-up. However, pop-ups and pescetarianism don’t normally go hand in hand. Most pop-ups seem to focus mostly on meat, so when I heard about one which was focussed not on meat but on fish, I was all over it.

FISHBone is a pop-up which takes place in a room just off Kensington Place restaurant and has a menu full of typical fast food items but with a fishy twist.

I’d made reservations for lunch on Saturday and so we ventured out of East London and headed West.


Our table was ready and waiting and we settled down and perused the short menu. There was a long table running down the centre of the room together with smaller tables on each side and a few window stools.
The place was busy (even if it doesn’t look like it from the below picture, I caught the window table and the one in front of us at a quiet moment) but it had that casual Saturday lunch feel, relaxed and chilled out. Although we had reserved tables, others walked in during our meal after walking by and seeing the menu in the window.



The walls were covered in artwork. Some of which was unusual to say the least, one was a work of a woman holding a baby with a wine glass for a head.



Although the list of cocktails looked tempting, we opted for a jug of Summer Cup which was described as ‘like Pimms, but better’.



The Summer Cup was exactly as described, but you know the best thing about it? It’s that jug it came in. Now, it’s a pretty nifty jug, but the thing that you can’t really experience from the pictures is that it’s a ‘gluggle jug’. Not only does the drink glug into your cup, but when you tip the jug upright again, it gluggles. It really is the happiest sound ever. I loved it.
As you might have guessed, our food choices were rather fishy. My boyfriend went for the salmon doner, not some greasy pallid meat consumed at the end of a night out but fresh juicy salmon.



We both went for a side of triple cooked chips (amazing) and he had a side of fennel slaw, which you might just about see in the background of the below photo, but which didn’t make it into a photo of its own as my boyfriend was keen to dig in.



I went for a scallopdog (which is exactly what the name suggests, a hotdog made of scallops) and a side of fried wings (skate, not chicken) which came piping hot and served with spiced pepper mayonnaise. In the spirit of sharing, I offered up half of my skate wings for some of the fennel slaw. Sharing is caring.
Although the scallopdog was nice, the wings impressed me the most. They were well formed and had a weight to them that reminded me more of the meat they were intended to resemble than of the fish that they were.



Although they’re not on the menu, there were two desserts available (a sundae and a lemon posset, I think). We were pretty full but decided to share a sundae. It was a good decision, it came with a fluffy light foamy butterscotchy flavoured topping. Underneath was a mixture of vanilla ice cream and chunks of butterscotchy cake. Delicious.



Our receipt came in this little vintage cigarette tin which was a cute touch. It initially came without our drink added to it. We pointed this out and they came back with an amended one which they said they had taken the dessert off for our honesty, which was very nice. See, honesty does pay. Sometimes, it pays in dessert.



If you’re a fish lover, or just fancy something a little different, I’d recommend FISHBone. Staff were charming and service was quick and attentive.

FISHBone is open until 29 March 2014. For opening hours, the menu and booking details, have a look at their website and if you go, order a gluggle jug for me.

  • Angie SilverSpoon

    Oh my god! This looks amazing!! I love fish too, I must go here!! I’m totally having the salmon doner



  • lucyandthesky

    Oh God please please please make them come to Milan!!! Tuna burger!! Why don’t more places think of this?! (I’m a pescetarian too haha)
    Lucy xxx

  • DearMsLeigh

    Oh my – why is there nothing like that in my neck of the woods?! That food looks and sounds yum – i’m very much a lover of seafood, fish tacos being a weakness.