Monday night dinner at Hawksmoor Spitalfields

I’ve heard so many people evangelise about Hawksmoor but had never been myself. The other week, after birthday cocktails at Discount Suit Company, that was remedied.

Although Monday night might not seem like an obvious night to eat out, the place was busy and bristling with a quiet energy. This may (or may not) have something to with Hawksmoor’s Monday Wine Club which allows you to bring along your own bottle of wine and only be charged £5 corkage (it’s £25 any other day). It’s the perfect excuse to drink up that bottle of red you have gathering dust in a corner (or just to have a slightly cheaper meal, unless you compensate by going big on the steak of course). We had a few decent bottles of red left from Christmas that we hadn’t drunk and so decided to take those along.

But, enough about that, onto the food! As a starter I was torn between the Tamworth Belly Ribs and the Potted Beef and Bacon with Yorkshires, that was until the Potted Beef and Bacon with Yorkshires was served to the table next to us and I was sold. In my opinion more starters should definitely come with Yorkshire Puddings. It was like a mini-Sunday dinner, just without the potatoes and vegetables.

My boyfriend chose the Yorkshire Puddingless Salmon and Soda Bread for his starter.

I don’t know what I was expecting from Hawksmoor (other than great steak), but I think I thought it was going to be one of those slightly offish and cooler than thou, but it wasn’t and all the staff were charmingly helpful and were keen to offer to explain anything on the menu if we needed help. For my main I went with fillet tail with a peppercorn sauce.

One of my colleagues had raved about the triple cooked chips, so they were a definite must as a side dish. He was right, they are very good.

We decided to go big on the desserts (it was my birthday) and so chose three! The first doesn’t even get a picture because we ordered the Salted Caramel Rolos and we’d managed to eat them before I could get a picture, they were our dessert warm up. We chose the Colston Bassett Stilton with Walnut and Pear, which was the perfect savoury accompaniment to our other big dessert.

This was the most photogenic dessert of the three last – the Chocolate and Hazelnut Cheesecake. Probably not good for me, but good for charity (50p from each one goes to Action Against Hunger) and that totally justifies a third dessert.

Although it’s a steak restaurant, I was impressed by the number of non-steak options on the menu (a chicken, fish and vegetarian dish) which is great when your fellow diner is a non-meat eater and takes you because they know you’ll love it. Next time though, I think we’ll probably visit the Air Street branch as they also do a lot of fish dishes.

Hawksmoor, we’ll be back (probably on a Monday), you lived up to the hype.

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  • The Air Street branch is fantastic, really buzzing atmosphere and great fish dishes! Lots of options too.

    Lots of love,


    SilverSpoon London

  • rosiellewellyn

    Wow – so hungry just looking at this! I really like Hawksmoor, I’ve never been to Spitalfields branch, but that lovely atmostphere is definitely present in the Covent Garden one. Glad y ou liked it, and Happy Birthday!!
    Rosie ss

  • Three desserts! Amazing! I wish my dining companion would agree to that! xxx
    Lucy @

  • Louise Mensah

    The food looks amazing and delicious. You certianly dined like a Queen. #NowFollowing you on BL 🙂 xoxo

  • This looks great!!! 3 desserts is fine, the cheese is savoury so doesn’t count as dessert…. 😉
    As much as I’m loving the Caribbean, I do miss London a lot! x

  • So hungry right now. Belated happy birthday! x

  • So good to know, we’re definitely going to have to visit the Air Street branch next time!

  • Thank you, it sounds from everyone else like all of the Hawksmoor branches are great (which is unusual as generally even in chains, the quality varies).

  • Haha, I think three desserts are definitely the way forward. You need to convince your dining companion!

  • Thank you, I did indeed dine like a Queen. It was so good and I was so spoilt.

  • I like your thinking that the cheese being savoury means that it doesn’t count as dessert. Next time I’m definitely using that to have more than one ‘dessert’.

  • Thank you!