My top 10 blogger bad behaviours – how many are you guilty of?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve read blogs, but it’s only been in the past year or so that I upped my blog consumption (and obviously started my own blog).

Being more involved in the blogging community by reading more and via Twitter has meant that I’ve been able to observe blogger behaviours (both good and bad) and I thought I’d round up the blogger sins that bother me the most. Maybe they don’t strike you as bad habits, feel free to chip in via the comments and let me know your personal bugbears or whether you disagree with any of the below (or whether you’re an habitual offender).

1. “Sorry I haven’t posted in while…”
Firstly, I almost definitely hadn’t noticed (contrary to that which my social media use may suggest, I have a life which doesn’t involve waiting for a blogpost from you) and secondly, you owe me nothing and I expect nothing from you, so don’t apologise for not delivering something that you never promised me anyway.
2. Google+ comment system
This may not bother a lot of people but although I don’t use it, my Google+ is in my full name, surname and everything. If you have a Google+ comment system set up on your blog then that insightful, useful and witty comment I had in mind is not going to be posted.
3. Captcha
Do you want to make it easy for people to comment on your blog? If so, turn this off, it’s unbelievably annoying and most of the time the words/numbers are illegible which only makes it worse. The only reason I go through with commenting is that by the time I realise you have Captcha enabled, I’ve already spent time writing a comment.
4. Captcha AND comment moderation
Ok, so I can sort of see that Captcha checks that posters are human, but I really don’t want to go through the whole palaver of deciphering the words/numbers to find out that you’re moderating comments before they go live as well. If you’re moderating them then just moderate out the spam and make it a hell of a lot easier for your readers by turning Captcha off!
5. “I’m working on a very exciting, top secret project, which I can’t tell you about yet”
Then stop hinting, it’s just attention seeking. It’s the blog equivalent of people on my Facebook who post statuses like ‘oh my god, so shocked and upset right now’ but don’t elaborate because they want people to comment and ask what’s wrong. 
Until you can reveal all, I’m not interested. Then I can be the judge of whether or not it’s very exciting.
6. “I jumped at the chance…”
Generally employed in connection with a comped product or trip and accompanied by a sentence about how the blogger had always wanted to try the product or eat that sort of food or had seen that brand before, all to make it seem like they have picked a freebie that fits in with their ‘brand’, rather than taking any freebie offered to them.
7. “I only need X followers to reach XXX followers on Bloglovin, so please follow me”
And then what? Do you win a prize? Are you let into a massive blogging secret that won’t be revealed until you hit a certain number of followers? Do you reach enlightenment?
The worst example I saw of this was on Twitter when I saw someone reach 130 followers after posting similar tweets, then posted one saying I’m only 10 followers away from 140 on Bloglovin. Seriously? I sort of get the big round numbers as there’s something nice about round numbers, but reaching 140 followers is not a thing. Stop these annoying tweets, they don’t make me want to check out your blog even a little bit, let alone follow it.
8. Pet posts
A ‘pet’ peeve of mine. A lot of bloggers have pets. A lot of them are cute and fluffy and appear on Instagrammed pictures and in blogs. That’s normal behaviour. However, when that pet ‘takes over’ the blog for a post written from their perspective? Ridiculous. It reeks of hitting rock bottom in terms of content and really is too horrendous for words. I will stop reading.
9. #prrequest 
Have you ever checked out this hashtag? At best, it’s bloggers making themselves available to receive free stuff, at worst it’s people begging for things they should just be going out and buying. This is not the way to approach brands if you’re really serious on working with them.
10. Infringing copyright

I see so many bloggers using beautiful photos to illustrate their posts which clearly aren’t their own. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of bloggers take their own gorgeous Pinterest-worthy photos which make me so envious of their skills, but some turn to the internet and take photos from Pinterest or Tumblr without considering whether they are infringing copyright. If you’re guilty of this, have a read of this post from the EduBlogger on Copyright and Using Images in Blog Posts.
  • Robin

    I just looked at #prrequest for the first time. It’s hilarious, someone asked for a wetsuit for a triathlon. Surely that’s something you should already have if you’re preparing for a triathlon?! Another wants a hotel for her wedding anniversary – these are things that us non-bloggers would just pay for instead of running to a PR person for.
    I’ve only seen one person do a pet post and I think that’s the least of her bad blogging behaviours…

  • DearMsLeigh

    I actually don’t mind the pet posts, I think they are rather fun and certainly can be a comical change in the world of blogging which i’m all for. But agreed with you about the google+ – I don’t understand their need to have your full details when everywhere else on the internet your constantly told to not share all your details …

  • I hate the first one the most, especially when it’s ‘sorry I haven’t blogged in a few days’. Are you kidding me? A few days?! Nobody was refreshing your blog every 10 minutes to check!!
    Rachel | Rachel is Elsewhere

  • Lol! Great post!! The only one I’m guilty of is ‘jumped at the chance’ but I genuinely mean it when I’ve said. I wouldn’t accept freebies that didn’t fit with my blog. You won’t catch me saying ‘I jumped at the chance to try McDonalds new pound saver menu’ Though Mr Silver would… he’d jump even more if it were KFC!!

    Lots of love,



  • disqus_k8R8UmI9Bk

    Cosmo isn’t thrilled about number 8..!
    You’ve made me think about my commenting system however – I also don’t like how it is attached to my google account. Perhaps a switch to disqus is on the cards for me as well.
    Completely with you on number 7! xxxx

  • gina

    ha, good points.. off to check if blog has captcha

  • Danielle Eskdale

    Very good post! Although I must admit to being guilty of having comment moderation and my dog is featured alot, however it’s from my point of view not written ‘by’ him! Is that okay..? haha
    I really dislike the 1st one too…!

  • xhaylzeex .

    I love this post, i think a lot of people would be scarred to write such a post. i’m still trying to figure out blogger/blogspot so i’ve no idea if i have capatcha on my posts – i hope not because like you i have a dislike for it. also google + if i’m honest i don’t really understand what all that’s about and why i have to sign some comments with it.

    also something i dislike is the ‘i need x amount of followers until i get too xxx’ – in my opinion you get following by following other people and chatting with them and having thing in common not because you want to get to a certain number.

    i really enjoyed reading this post 😀

    Hayley \

  • Hahaha I love this! Ranty posts are the best 🙂 it made me laugh. I think I may have apologised for not posting once but that was to kid myself into thinking I had people who care hahaha xxx
    Lucy @

  • Agree with pretty much all of these! I’m not too bothered by M.I.A. apologies and Captcha because I can sort of understand the reasoning behind them, but the Google+ comment system and desperate tweets asking for followers definitely rub me up the wrong way! It also bothers me when your politely ask for new reads at the end of a chat and it’s so obvious when people are copying and pasting the same tweet to 100 different people. Especially awkward when they tweet you twice and don’t realise haha.

    Emma x | Reverie Lane

  • Completely agree with no.10. I think it makes all the difference when bloggers take their own photos, even if they’re not great, at least they’ve tried. I find sourcing pictures from the internet lazy.

  • This really amused me! I couldn’t agree more with the ‘sorry I haven’t posted a while’ ones… I am probably guilty of the ‘jumped at the chance’ one though!


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  • hahah! love this post. the worse is 7, immediate unfollow. point 5 is hilarious!!

    Hanh x | hanhabelle

  • Thank you for raising these points Lisa! I’m new to blogging and hadn’t realised that I still had captcha turned on! I can now confirm (if I have managed to do it correctly!) that it is now off!!


  • Agree on #1 2 and 7

  • #prrequest is brilliant. Even as a blogger I would never think of requesting that sort of stuff from brands, I’d just buy it.

    As for pet posts, agree.

  • I feel sad when so many comment systems are Google+ as they’re often on blogs I want to comment on. Some people have a blog Google+ account, so maybe it’s something to think about but I’m really not sure I can deal with another social network,

  • Totally with you there. It’s not so bad when someone has been missing from blogging for a good few weeks/months but a few days?!

  • Haha, you mean a Happy Meal wouldn’t be right up your street? To be fair, this was possibly the least of my blogging gripes, not a major irritation, but something that is definitely overused by some bloggers (not you).

  • I must admit that I do like the interaction that Disqus allows, which is partly what prompted me to switch away from the basic Google comment system. Glad I’m not alone re people asking for more followers to get them to that next magical number.

  • Thanks. Glad it’s helpful.

  • There’s nothing wrong with comment moderation, but it’s definitely overkill to have it with Captcha too! I love it when bloggers feature their pets in their posts, not so much when the pets write the posts, but that’s just me> Feature your dog as much as you like. I’ll lap it up.

  • You don’t have Captcha installed, so it’s really easy to comment on your blog, which is great!

    I agree that you get followers by following others and chatting, getting to a certain number for the sake of it shouldn’t be the aim.

    I’m glad you enjoyed the post.

  • I tried not to be too ranty! And you definitely do have people who care, I love reading your blog.

  • I know what you mean about stuff after chats, what annoys me the most is when I ask for lifestyle and not beauty or fashion only blogs and all I get are links to make-up only blogs.

  • I’m definitely sure that I’m guilty of some of these. I’m sure more bloggers are, although some are way more forgivable than others.

  • I think I must be really lucky as I very rarely, if ever, get spam comments in a follow for follow style, I always seem to get lovely thoughtful comments which is great and I have my readers to thank for that. So I like to leave equally thoughtful comments and so it’s tough when someone’s comment system is Google+ and I want to comment but can’t.

  • Love this post! Not guilty hopefully of bad blogging behaviour – I do have pet & he does feature heavily on my blog but he’s never taken over lol He just photographs better than me! lol

  • Lisa

    I’ve just found your blog through another blogger. Love this post and the related good behaviours one!

  • Dawn

    Thanks for putting this list together! I’ve been blogging for a few years now and have been able to meet so many wonderful individuals through it. However, I have unfollowed certain blogs due to related behaviors–inane posts like pet posts, or incessant nagging about “I need XXXX followers!” (I’m not quite sure the individual understands that the only people who see the message in the first place are people that are already following.) Anyway, I’m with you on the Google+ system! I’m not a fan of that. At the moment, I’m looking into getting DISQUS. I do use a captcha right now (so sorry), but that is because the spam I receive clog my inbox (I receive an email whenever someone comments). I guess my biggest “bad blogger behavior,” though, is not responding to comments. What I love about blogging is the relationships, and the connection. I know some blogs have a lot of followers and aren’t able to respond to every comment. I understand that. But if I’ve been an avid commentor for a few months and never hear one response, I get disappointed, and I often stop reading. Anyway, thank you again for this list! There are some things on here that I didn’t even know was a “thing.” (#prrequest)

  • I hate number 1 soooo much! I always think that makes me a bad person (aren’t people just being polite?) but it riles me. Do people expect an influx of comments along the lines of “I missed you so much that 1 day you didn’t post!!”? Seriously, no one died.