The Crepe Shop, Whitechapel

Where once Whitechapel was essentially a bit of a black hole for food (unless you fancied an amazing curry that is), now little places are starting to spring up here there and everywhere, one that’s been around since the start of this year but which I hadn’t quite made it to is The Crepe Shop. I found out about it, conveniently around Pancake Day but rather than cheat and have someone make me a pancake, I chose the fun of tossing my own at home. However, I put the Crepe Shop on my list of places I could nip into for food after work if I really couldn’t be bothered to cook anything.


A while ago I was further encouraged to try it out when they had a deal through Groupon which offered two hot drinks or milkshakes and two crepes for less than their retail price (I think it was something like £9 instead of £16). So I bought one and kept it in my bag for one day when I finished work later than usual and was ravenous. So meeting my boyfriend we decided to put the voucher to good use.
The inside is all decked out in wood and has a rustic feel (where doesn’t in East London now?) and has chalkboards with menu and drinks options on.

We settled ourselves at our table and perused the relatively short menu As you might have guessed, it’s mostly crepes (although they also do soups). Rather than hot drinks, we went with milkshakes (both strawberry). They were nice, although I could have done without the cheap squirty cream and ice cream sauce on top.
There is a selection of sweet and savoury crepes on the menu and as it was dinner, we chose savoury ones. My boyfriend went with smoked salmon, lemon, black pepper, spring onions and tartar sauce, which he wasn’t too keen on, but it was the savoury crepe concept he wasn’t crazy about, individually each component was nice.

I chose the chicken, cheese and guacamole crepe, which following my experiments with savoury pancakes on pancake day, I was hoping would be good. It definitely was. It’s definitely a light bite rather than a meal and I felt like I needed another to fill me properly at dinner, but it’s a great stop gap or snack if you aren’t too hungry.
After we’d finished our crepes we had a quick nosy downstairs where they have an art gallery which runs a variety of different small exhibitions, before heading home.
The Crepe Shop is on the same street as Tayyabs (for those of you who know Whitechapel only by reference to it’s most famous curry restaurant). So, if you can still manage to eat after your fill of dry meat, a sweet crepe may be the perfect dessert.

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  • Beccy

    This looks delicious! I love the look of those milkshakes – although I desperately need to start a health kick, so not sure this is the best thing for it 🙂

    Lovely post.

    Beccy ~ Bluebell & Bumpkin

  • Wow this looks amazing, and I shouldn’t have looked at it cos I’m absolutely starving right now and it’s still 30 minutes till dinner 🙁

  • Courtney Connolly

    This place is so cute and the crepes look delicious! I love crepes but I have to go to Toronto(an hour away) to get them!

    I wish there was a alittle shop like this near me!

    CourtneyLa Belle Sirene

  • Yummm that crepe looks yum! The crepes I’ve had in London haven’t been great so far so need to try these x

    Jasmin Charlotte

  • I have seen more and more pancake shops popping up the best I have been to is in Shoreditch and had pulled pork, I have also had one with goats cheese pancetta, onion and balsamic was yummy. Shame that the salmon one was not that great and the fake cream on top of what otherwise would be a lovely milkshake bugs me too Lucy x

  • Chan

    Looks so cute! I love milkshakes even if there is cheap cream involved haha.

  • I’m a big lover of savoury crepes (don’t like the sweet ones though for some bizarre reason!) This place looks great! I’m heading to London to see friends in a couple of weeks. I may try drag them over to this place!!

    Marie X

  • Anonymous

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    Cheers! Where are your contact details though?

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  • This looks so so nice. I definitely prefer sweet crepes though!


    Water Painted Dreams xo