London Transport Museum with Google City Experts

This post is really really late as it actually relates to an event I went to weeks ago but life has managed to change my priorities over the course of the past month and so blogging has slowed down a little as it’s taken a back seat for a little while.

Anyway, a few weeks ago I was invited by Google to an event for prospective City Experts, to learn more about the programme and what it’s all about. At the time I was hovering somewhere around 40 reviews on Google+ and so I hadn’t yet met the criteria to be a City Expert (50 reviews and then 5 new reviews each month).

The event was held at the London Transport Museum which is somewhere I’ve never been before, so I was interested to see what it was like, especially after-hours without a whole load of tourists.

Upon arrival I had to fill in a name tag, I resisted the urge to write ‘Inigo Montoya’ (only just though).

With a cocktail firmly in hand we were ushered through to the main part of the museum.

I had been expecting that we would all be sat down and would have to listen to a talk with a dull Powerpoint presentation. I couldn’t have been more wrong. This was stealth marketing, an event to not bore us but to get us excited about the future exclusive events that we could be eligible to attend if we became City Experts.

I was surprised by the London Transport Museum as I think in my mind I was expecting a very dull museum but there were all sorts of examples of London transport, both old and new. As a Londoner the tube features heavily in my life and so I was interested to see the evolution of tube from steam pulled carriages to tube carriages as we know them today. I enjoyed sitting in some of the older carriages and imagining my commute in them.

We didn’t get to see the whole museum, only the ground floor but there was plenty to keep us occupied and interested.

In addition to the attractions of the museum itself, Google had set up a number of things for us to entertain ourselves with including a photobooth and giant wall of London so we could pin our favourite places on it. They had also organised for us to get a talk all about Twenty Something London which was really interesting.

When we had arrived we had been given a card with a tube map on it and we had to find someone who lived on each tube line who then initialled our card. Once completed we were entered into a prize draw to win a special prize, which turned out to be tins of London-themed Biscuiteers biscuits. Sadly I didn’t win (I’m a big fan of their biscuits, especially as gifts).

After we’d had all sorts of fun tracking down someone from each tube line, the canapΓ©s started to stream out and I was very impressed, although I was possibly most impressed by the traffic themed cake pops which came out for dessert. Although we were told the cake pops below were brownies, actually they were more like pure chocolate ganache. Amazing.

I’m pleased to say that since I attended, I hit 50 reviews and now just need to keep reviewing. They have held an event in the past few days but I was unfortunately unable to attend. I’ll be looking forward to the next one though.

If you want to sign up and start reviewing to become a City Expert, then visit the Google City Expert website.

Thanks Google!

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  • I’ve been wanting to go to the Transport Museum for ages cos I’m a bit of a tube geek. I guess it is when you’ve commuted on them every day you can’t help but be a bit interested in it all.

    I love the idea of City Expert but I looked into it a few months ago and they don’t have anything set up for Newcastle which is such a shame πŸ™

    Chloe x

  • I know, so weird. It’s definitely made me think I need to do a shout out on Twitter next time I go to an event so I don’t miss out on opportunities to meet people, would have been lovely to meet you.

  • I know exactly what you mean about being interested in things like the Tube when they are such a part of daily life that you don’t even think about them normally.

    Maybe Google will expand the City Expert programme at some point – start campaigning for Newcastle, you’d make an excellent City Expert I’m sure.

  • Ah I was so jealous of this event (I’m already a City Expert so didn’t get an invite!) would have been lovely to meet you! x