My favourite places: Genesis Cinema

When it was announced that Orange Wednesdays would be ending in February there was a general outcry of dismay on Twitter. Coming from a town with one chain cinema, I can understand why, for a lot of people, the end of the two for one tickets offer is a big deal as in lots of places it really is the only option for seeing the latest releases without having to pay extortionate ticket costs. Luckily though, I don’t live in in my hometown anymore and so have other choices for going to the cinema and some that mean I don’t have to spend a fortune. The Genesis cinema is one of those options and is also one of my favourite London places. Handily, it’s also only just up the road from where I live.

Genesis Cinema Whitechapel Mile End Studio 5

Located on Mile End Road and in between Whitechapel and Stepney Green tube stations, it’s a stone’s throw away from my house and somewhere I have no excuse for not visiting more. I’ve seen a fair few blog posts from other bloggers about the Everyman Cinemas and the Prince Charles Cinema (which I also love, see my post on the Spiceworld singalong I attended there here) so I thought it was time to show the Genesis cinema some love.

Genesis Cinema Whitechapel Mile End Studio 5

The first thing you notice when you walk in is the beautiful spacious foyer lined with film posters where you can settle into a  squidgy sofa, grab a coffee and a Rinkoff cro-dough and catch up with friends in what is called the Grindhouse Cafe.

Genesis Cinema Whitechapel Mile End Studio 5

Upstairs they also have an area with a bar – Bar Paragon – and a kitchen which serves Pieminister pies in case you’re a bit peckish either pre- or post-film. They also host events like poetry slams there (something I keep meaning to go to) and sometimes free screenings.

Genesis Cinema Whitechapel Mile End Studio 5
Genesis Cinema Whitechapel Mile End Studio 5

Although it looks small from the outside, the Genesis is like a Tardis and has five screens ranging in size. The gem in its crown (in my view, at least), is Studio 5 which houses not only an in-screen bar but also 40 sofas and armchairs. Generally showing the latest blockbusters, it’s a fantastic place to both see the latest releases and to be able to put your feet up. I’m terrible sitting in regular cinema seats, I get fidgety very quickly but in Studio 5 I can get comfy, put my feet up on the footstools (which also act as storage for coats and bags) and snuggle up under the blankets provided.

Genesis Cinema Whitechapel Mile End Studio 5
Genesis Cinema Whitechapel Mile End Studio 5

Although the tickets for Studio 5 are slightly more expensive than their other four screens (ranging from £8-£13 depending on the day compared with £4-£8.50 for the other screens) but it still compares very favourably with standard tickets at the big chains. Plus, isn’t it better to support an independent business that’s not just a cinema but a community space?

I for one won’t be mourning the demise of Orange Wednesdays too much.

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  • I’m not a huge fan of Orange Wednesdays but only because I’m a Cineworld card holder so I can go to the cinema as often as I like .. this always means I have to avoid Wednesdays cos the cinema is rammed!
    The one bad thing about being a Cineworld Unlimited member is I don’t often get to go to smaller cinemas which is such a shame cos I LOVE them! We have the Tyneside Cinema in Newcastle which is gorgeous, Cinema City in my hometown of Norwich where I practically lived when I was back at home and when I lived in Wimbledon I used to go to the Curzon above HMV which has the cosiest seats and the clearest high def screens!
    Chloe x

  • Rather envious of your close proximity to genesis, that place is cool. Looking forward to watching inherent vice there 🙂

  • Oh my gosh those sofas look so comfy! I’ve always liked the idea of a more understated cinema – there’s just way too much going on in the normal ones! I haven’t heard of Genesis before, so gotta put that on the list for an evening trip someday! 😀

    Cherie xx

  • Thanks for sharing this! I love going to the movies and I fancy trying something a little more ‘luxe!’

    Hayley x

  • This would make me go to the movies much more. I can barely sit still since I can never seem to get comfortable in normal seats. I would wonder how much noise the I screen bar would make at times.

  • I agree with you Lisa! The end of Orange Wednesdays calls for more supporting of the brilliant indie and picturehouse cinemas in London and the rest of the UK. How cool that you can put your feet up and snuggle up with blankets at the Genesis – I know I get chilly in cinemas sometimes. What did you go to see? xx

  • I love local cinemas that have a soul. How comfortable do those seats look, I would fall asleep more likely. Lucy x

  • The unlimited cinema passes are a great idea, there have been loads of films that I’ve wanted to see lately and I know that if I had paid for unlimited access then I’d go more often.
    There’s bit more than just you expressing love for the Tyneside Cinema in my comments, it must be good! I do love supporting great local independent businesses.

  • I’ve heard mixed things about Inherent Vice, you’ll have to let me know how it is.

  • The sofas are very comfy, I love that it’s just like being in your living room but watching a film on a massive screen. The Genesis is a gem.

  • Definitely, plus, indie cinemas tend to play the films that other cinemas won’t. I saw Spirited Away at the Nottingham Broadway cinema and The Lives of Others at the Sheffield Showrooms, neither of which I’d have been able to see at the big chain cinemas as they didn’t feel they could make money from them. I must admit though that this blog has been on the backburner for a while so the film we saw that night was Gone Girl, actual months ago, but it’s great to have a snuggly night at the cinema with a sofa, a blanket and a bottle of wine, so much better than the regular cinema experience at big chains.

  • I love the fact though that the experience is so much better than a regular cinema seat but actually costs about the same as a standard ticket to a big chain cinema. So much better! More cinemas need sofa seats.

  • That’s the same with me, I can’t get comfortable in normal cinema seats and now films last for at least three hours I end up finding my attention is on my discomfort rather than the film. The in-screen bar is more one man in the corner and a little drinks/snacks set up and generally only gets used pre-film anyway, so it’s not noisy at all, perfect!

  • The seats are ridiculously comfy and when I get warm and snuggled up, I’m very liable to fall asleep, which is why we don’t go to the cinema in the evening too often!

  • I completely agree with you! This was my local cinema when I was in uni and it was fab! I think I need to go and pay it a visit again 🙂

    Jessie | Ivory Tower Diaries