April 2015: This month I have mostly been…


Feeling: Spendthrifty

After months of saving I have no idea what happened to me this month. It started with me enrolling in a German class at City Lit (I’ve been meaning to improve my German for ages and finally found a class that isn’t half way across London, starts late enough in an evening that I might be able to attend most, if not all classes and doesn’t cost an absolute fortune) and that seemed to open the floodgates. Maybe it’s because it’s Spring or maybe it’s because it’s my birthday month or maybe it’s just because I’ve been feeling a bit like life has been out of control a little and so I’ve tried to remedy that by buying stuff – make-up, stuff to do up my office desk and, maybe my best purchase, these amazing flamingo cushions from my payday favourites post:


I also decided that it was time to move away from blogger and to a self-hosted WordPress site. So if you noticed that there have been changes to my layout (check out my fancy social media buttons and menu bar), that’s why! I haven’t been through all of my old posts to get them formatted properly for the new site and I want to update and amend my pages when I get a chance, but I have other stuff going on right now which takes precedence. So please bear with me!

Reading: The Story of My Life by Helen Keller and The Bees by Laline Paull


Apparently The Miniaturist has kicked me back into reading mode and despite it having been a busy month, I’ve finished one book and I’m right at the very end of the other.

I’ve always been fascinated by Helen Keller and her story and so I was interested to read more about her, in her own words. Unfortunately I found so many, probably basic, questions left unanswered by this autobiography, half of which was actually made up of letters that she’s written at various stages in her childhood.

Unfortunately I missed the last work book club meeting as I was really close to the end of The Miniaturist but didn’t quite finish in time and as I didn’t want to have the ending spoilt for me, I didn’t go. It was a shame as once I had finished it I really wanted to discuss it with other people. The book for the next work book club book is The Bees and I was excited to start it as I’d heard a lot about it because it was recently nominated for the Baileys Women’s Prize for Fiction. Unfortunately, despite the buzz (!), I’m not loving it. It’s been compared to Animal Farm but personally I’m finding the allegorical level too abstract and not closely enough connected to something real and a simple reading not engaging enough. Others have loved it though, so don’t take my word as gospel.

Watching: Game of Thrones – Season 4

Until last year we were having to wait for the Game of Thrones DVD boxsets to be released as we don’t have Sky, so it’s only been recently that we’ve been able to watch Season 4. I’d managed to hear the big spoiler but otherwise had remained in the dark as to the events of Season 4 – it’s so good and so shocking.


We now have NowTV and so we’re ploughing on to Season 5. We’re determined to not have to wait for nearly a year and try to remain in the dark about what’s happening, especially as I understand that the TV series has now diverged from the books.

Coveting: Everything in my Payday Favourites post

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve decided to move this section of my monthly recap into a separate post each month where I’ll share the things I’ve had my eye on – home decor, clothes, jewellery, random stuff with flamingos on, whatever! Why not check it out?

Planning: Two weeks of solid revision

Just two more weeks and then it’s all over and I can go back to not having to try and balance full-time work, part-time study, everything else and deal with the almost constant guilt of failing to be and do everything.

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  • I’m doing some German this semester at uni. I hope you enjoy your classes.

    Love Hayley,

    Water Painted Dreams

    • Oh interesting, did you choose to do it or is it a part of your course?

  • Woo hope the exams go well soon! The German sounds awesome as well, I’ve been meaning to start some more language classes for ages, I really should! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

    • Thank you! I’m really enjoying learning a language again, it’s definitely exercising a different part of my brain. If you have the chance to sign up for classes you really should.

  • So close to finishing your exams Lisa – crossing my fingers for you! And I’m loving the shiny new WordPress features 🙂 Is it easy to use? xx

    • Thank you. Most of the shiny features are due to the template I purchased rather than wordpress itself. It’s basically just a more streamlined functional version of the layout I created in Blogger, but I’m so so happy with it. WordPress itself is actually very similar to Blogger in terms of the dashboard and layout and stuff, it’s just a lot better for customising. There’s still a lot I need to reformat and sort out but I’ll get there.

  • Well done on enrolling for a German course, it is always good to do and learn something new. You doing lots of learning though. Love the change to WordPress I am planning on doing the same as I want to be able to label and categories posts in a better way. Was it easy? Any pearls of wisdom? Loving Games of Thrones too Lucy x

    • I’m still working out how to maximise WordPress but I’m loving it for the various plugins and SEO optimisation.

      I used Pipdig to do the transfer so the difficult stuff was all done for me. The things I didn’t realise would happen are:
      – any blogposts I renamed as custom names in blogger reverted to their default title name (I’m not sure if that makes sense) so any links to those posts broke
      – I lost my readers from Feedly
      – My bloglovin lost my RSS feed and so I had to get my readers transferred over to a new one
      – Format issues – this was the result of a new template rather than the switch to wordpress though.
      – Although my hosting is expressed as a monthly price, it’s all paid upfront so that was a big chunk of money.

      I’m happy to go into more detail if you want to email me about it. x