Street Feast Hawker House 2015

For someone who looks forward to Street Feast both in its summer location at Dalston Yard and in winter at Hawker House, I have been very late in visiting its newest Hawker House venue this year. A combination of busy weekends and a boyfriend who seemed to be ill for the whole of February have meant that it was the penultimate weekend when I finally managed to go. The build up combined with an amazing line-up and a long week at work and I was phenomenally excited to go along and investigate its new location in Haggerston.
A change from last year’s Hawker House venue (for more, see here), the new Hawker House is split over three ‘levels’ in a building in Haggerston and it definitely feels a lot more intimate than the old Hawker House location #sharesies. After a phenomenally long wait in an unmoving queue for the cloakroom, we finally managed to get in a (moving) queue for our first trader – Breddos Tacos.  A steak bavette taco for me and fish tacos for my boyfriend. Messy and delicious and fiery thanks to the rather heavy handed dollop of hot sauce I added.

We grabbed ourselves a little space at a standing table and my boyfriend went off with instructions to come back bearing sliders from Sambal Shiok.

He did well and came back carrying a little tray containing three beautiful sliders; beef rending, chicken satay and lentil satay. At a Zomato dinner a few weeks ago, Angela highly recommended Sambal Shiok and so I was curious to try them, especially as I’ve somehow never tried anything of theirs before. I am now a fully converted fan though. Both the beef rendang and chicken satay were fantastic and although the beef rending was packed with flavour, I think the chicken satay might have just pipped it to being my favourite.

I tried to encourage my boyfriend to try out Whisky Roulette (I unfortunately have a real aversion to all things whisky), where you pay £8 and spin the wheel to see which whisky you get for that £8, but he wasn’t tempted to gamble on his drink.

Our last food stop for the night was Duck ‘n’ Roll who I had read about in an Evening Standard article about how Michelin-starred chef Pascal Aussignac was running Duck ‘n’ Roll. My love of duck (they’re tasty and cute) meant that Duck ‘n’ Roll was a no-brainer for me. I chose the l’Asiatique (the special that night) which was essentially a jumbo sized crispy duck pancake. Really good, but really unphotogenic – do try one if you go.
Despite being a celebration of duck, they actually did a few non-duck options and so my boyfriend got a cornet of mussel ‘popcorn’. At first taste he thought the mussels were maybe a tad too fishy but when dipped in the accompanying black aioli, was perfectly balanced out. In fact, he declared them the best thing he’d eaten that night.

Hawker House is in Haggerston for only ONE MORE weekend! So if you have nothing else to do this Easter weekend (or even if you do), make sure you get over there and try everything.

Although I’m sad that it’s over before I really had the chance to make the most of it, I’m comforted by the news that Shoreditch Yard, a new venue for them, will be opening in the Spring. Even closer to home. I can’t wait!

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  • Of course Angela recommended Sambal Shiok! You can take the girl out of Borneo/Malaysia but you can’t take the Bornean/Malaysian out of the girl! Those beef rendang and chicken satay sliders are GENIUS (beef rendang and chicken satay are Malay classics)! Fingers crossed Sambal Shiok will come up with a nasi lemak slider! x

    Jasiminne | Posh, Broke, & Bored

  • Totally didn’t know about this, adding this to my weekend list! 😉

    Cherie x

  • It’s taken me ages to get down here too but I’ll hopefully be dragging my entire family along tonight to check out Sambal Shiok! (Malaysians will go anywhere for a good sambal and beef rendang…) I’m pleased you liked the sliders, bodes well for tonight 🙂 The ‘mussels popcorn’ looks and sounds incredible too – I’ll have to save some space as I fall for anything served with aioli! And Shoreditch Yard will be a must-do this summer 🙂 xx

  • Sounds so good! I went to Dalston Yard last year and much prefer the outdoor venues! This must have been roasting!

  • The Street Feast Hawker House looks like a food festival. I like the cornet of mussel ‘popcorn’