The Ribman at Euston

Since the middle of April I’ve been studying German on a Tuesday evening at City Lit. Before signing up I was a little worried about how many lessons I’d be able to attend given that I often find myself working late. But with a start time of 7.35pm I hoped I’d be able to attend most of them and I think over the course I’ve only missed about two lessons, one because I was ill, one because of a client evening event. I’ve enjoyed it. I might not have been the best with my homework but for most of the course I was also battling with not only my job but also my postgraduate course (which took priority). It’s taken me a while to try and get back some of the vocabulary I once knew and the most frustrating thing is seeing a word, knowing it looks familiar but not being able to pin its meaning down. Luckily everyone has been really good about supporting each other, trying and making mistakes.


Our class recently moved from Holborn to Euston and so far the big upside has been that the move coincided with the establishment by The Ribman of a permanent home at Euston Station, in a new area for street food, the Junction. The Euston base complements the more pop-up Ribman offerings (Brick Lane on Sundays and outside the Boleyn Tavern for West Ham home games). My last class on Tuesday afforded me the opportunity to sample a rib roll to set me up for the evening. As usual I was running a bit late, having not left work until about 7pm, so I knew I was cutting it fine and crossed my fingers for a short queue. Mercifully, luck was on my side and there was only one person ordering in front of me.


I decided to keep it simple with a small (and honest to god, calling it small is so misleading, the thing is huge) rib meat roll with hot sauce. The sauces were missing their usual names (Holy Fuck, Christ on a Bike, Fuckyuzu and Holy Mother of God), presumably to sanitise them for the mass commuter market, but that’s understandable.

TheΒ ribs are baby-back ribs sourced from pigs that are outdoor reared on Norfolk and Suffolk farms. The sauces are all made by Mark Gevaux (the Ribman himself) and sold both on his stall and through his website, in case you want to add some heat to your own dishes at home.


I found my way to one of the communal picnic tables outside Euston Station and sat down to tuck in. It’s difficult to know where to start when faced with such a beast of a roll. I decided to go in face first, rather than be too precious and use the fork. I could feel the eyes of those sat at the window counters in Ed’s Easy Diner judging me as I grappled with my roll, invariably dropping hunks of meat and smearing hot sauce all around my face. The thing is though, it doesn’t really matter if you look like an absolute pig eating it, because you knowΒ your food choice is better than theirs. Ah smug stomach satisfaction.

Make sure you pick up a wet wipe (I made that error) and enjoy!

Open 7am-11pm everyday, there’s no excuse for not getting stuck into a rib meat roll!

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  • ninegrandstudent

    This looks great – and typically I’m not travelling through Euston for a good while. Damn! x

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Student Lifestyle Blog

    • Euston isn’t my usual station, St Pancras is mine, which is a shame, otherwise I’d be all over rib meat rolls on my journey home!

  • Lucy

    Sounds like you made the right choice. Agree with you on the size though for a small it looks huge Lucy x

    • I love generously portioned food, I’m not going to lie!

  • Das Essen seht sehr lecker!

    Love Hayley,

    Water Painted Dreams

    • Haha! Ja! Sehr lecker!

  • Angharad Bishop

    Oh lord, I need to get there soon. That looks DELICIOUS!

    Angharad xx

    • It really was delicious. Good hearty food.