September 2015: Payday favourites

Last month I was all about saving, I made an offer on a flat in Margate and had it accepted. I had confirmation from a mortgage lender that subject to valuation, they were happy to lend to me (the idea that someone would lend me tens of thousands of pounds is in and of itself astounding). Sadly however, the mortgage company’s surveyors valued the flat at £30,000 less than the purchase price – a gap I can’t (and I’m not sure I’d want to, even if I could) bridge. There’s no route of appeal and I struggled to find an alternative. So I have had to say goodbye to my home-owning dreams for now. Which means I’ve gone from saving every penny for solicitor fees, stamp duty etc to suddenly having no reason to scrimp. I’m going to treat myself a little, just to cheer myself up. I’ve just bought a new mattress to replace the ridiculously uncomfortable one that came with our flat. I consider it the memory foam lining to the cloud that is having to let go of the house. But I’ve still been eyeing up a number of other ways to deplete my bank balance this month.


Left: Embellished lace and tulle gown
Right: Liquid sequin trimmed mini dress

Until recently the dress on the left was on sale for Net-a-Porter for a mere £8,000. Equivalent to about half of my house deposit, my dream dress doesn’t come cheap. With no balls to go to, I would have to resort to wearing it about the house like they do with the wedding dresses in Friends.

Equally, I lack the bank balance (and figure) for the sparkly party dress on the right, but a girl can dream.


Left: Tessie Tote in Regal Blue
Right: Black Fiona Coat

Although I might not be able to afford  the dream dress or a sparkly feathery party number, I do tend to more easily justify purchases when they are ‘classics’, even if they are expensive, I still haven’t yet been able to justify regular spends of many hundreds of pounds on designer bags, preferring instead to build up my savings or to spend money on travel or other big one-off purchases (like a set of vintage Ercol chairs I’d stalked on eBay). I’m not one for designer goods just to own a label, in fact, I prefer something that doesn’t scream where I bought it. However, I am in need of a new handbag for daily use and the cheap Nine West bag I picked up in T K Maxx six months or so ago is no longer cutting it. I need something that’s made of proper leather, something that will wear well and basically be a real workhorse, which is what I need for my handbag. So I’ve been eyeing up the Mulberry Tessie tote. My first thought was to go for classic black but I feel like I’ve stuck with black for far too long and so the Regal Blue might be work-appropriate but a bit of a change from my otherwise shadow-like appearance.

Having said that, I’m not sure I’m ready to move away from a black coat. Hobbs is my current go-to for great, classic pieces that are perfect for work. This coat is a sleek, warmer and altogether more Autumn-friendly alternative to my Annora Trench.


Left: Cloudy Stars Phone Case
Right: Stone Owl Clip Coin Purse

You know when you find a graphic designer whose aesthetic and prints you love? Well for me, that’s Nikki Strange. A while ago I bought the Freedom Feathers Phone Case together with the Oriental Japanese Crane Bird Print which is currently sat on my Vittsjo shelving unit and looks lovely in a white frame. Now I’m craving a bit of a new look for my phone and have fallen in love with the Cloudy Stars Phone Case, so dreamy. My current phone case is still glossy and pristine after months of wear and tear which is a small miracle as I managed to crack and chip the Totoro one I had before within weeks due to my habit of dropping my phone.

If I’m getting a new bag and phone case then it’s probably about time I considered something nicer to hold my coins in than the big practical (read, boring) black wallet that I tote around with all my cards in. Yes I need my big wallet but not all the time. I’d love something cute that I can pop out for lunch with. This owl clip purse does it for me and is pretty wallet friendly too – only £3.99!


Left: Vintage Reissue Munich Zoo Canvas
Right: Losin Teapot

I had planned to hang this canvas above my bed in the master bedroom of the flat I was buying. It had really high ceilings and it would have been a real statement piece against what would have been an otherwise very white and neutral room.

Just because I’m not buying a house doesn’t mean I can’t buy fun things to go in my rented flat and this teapot might just be the right side of crazy teapot collecting granny for me. It might be the reason I stop brewing tea in my mug and start steeping it properly.

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