July 2016: This month I have mostly been…


Feeling: Better

I’ve been struggling a bit with a lack of me time recently, so I made a conscious effort to spend less of my time in front of screens (laptop, phone and TV). I had got into a habit of coming home and just vegging out in front of the TV (and everyone needs that sometimes) and not really ever doing anything which made me feel better in myself. So I’ve been trying to read in an evening instead or do something else which just means I have a little ‘me time’. I haven’t gone full digital detox but getting away from social media and a constant stream updates and notifications and numbers is nice and something I’m going to try and continue with.

Reading: The Circle by Dave Eggers


It’s funny that as I decide to get myself away from TV and screens a bit more that I’m currently reading The Circle, a book based on a Facebook/Google style company which seems like a utopian place place to work, but is it? I don’t know yet as I’m still reading it, but I’m enjoying it so far. It’s not a challenging read but it’s summer and I like a page-turner in the summer, something that I don’t have to concentrate too hard on. Will it be a book that will enrich my life? Probably not, but it’s fun and sometimes you need a bit of that.

Watching: All or Nothing: A Season with the Arizona Cardinals


Although I have been taking time away from screens, we have been watching All or Nothing: A Season with the Arizona Cardinals on Amazon Prime Video. My boyfriend convinced me to watch Friday Night Lights (a fictional series based on a high school American football team – seriously, watch it, it’s so good) and since then I’ve had more of an interest in American football and let’s face it, any documentary about professional sports or athletes is always going to be fascinating, whatever the subject matter.

Planning: To catch ’em all

Whilst I was a goody two shoes about not downloading it before the official launch, once it was launched I was no Slowpoke about getting Pokemon Go and setting it running on my walk to and from work. I was a big fan of the original GameBoy game (I had Blue and my sister had Red) and it’s funny how the app has dredged up memories of the names of evolved Pokemon forms that I definitely haven’t thought about in maybe 15 years! My walk to and from work is great for hatching eggs as I walk at least 5km a day. I still haven’t found a Vulpix or a Ponyta yet though – my Pokegoals.

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  • I love a good break from all thing technology. It took me a while to work it all out and to just accept that I don’t enjoy social media and technology the way a lot of people do and that’s alright. I’m happy not browsing Twitter or Instagram when I have that 5 minutes (which always turned into half an hour) and I’m happy to pick up my book instead.

    I’m more of a person who likes to share myself with social media, but not see what others are up too… it’s more of an unsociable media.

    I have The Circle on my Kindle but I haven’t started it yet. I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying it, I’ll have to start in sometime. I’m trying to finish off a few series that I’ve got on the go at the moment.

    ~ K


  • You need to play the newer pokemon games, so good! Do love PokemonGo too but just for different reasons. Really enjoyed the Circle too, very thought provoking!

    Jasmin Charlotte

  • I really hope you’ve managed to get some more me time recently and are feeling much better. Sometimes it’s really nice and refreshing to just chill out in front of the TV and have a bit of a digital break. I definitely need to do more of that! The Circle sounds really good – I’ve had it recommended to me a few times now so I must pick up a copy and give it a go soon, and I feel like I’m the only one not playing Pokemon Go as I need to upgrade my phone so I am living vicariously through the Let’s Players on YouTube! 😀 – Tasha