Where to get the best view in Bled

Lake Bled has Pinterest-perfect views from pretty much any angle. Before we went I was keen to see the iconic views of Bled that you see in the photos, i.e. the lake from above with the island sat like a jewel in the middle. It seemed clear from the internet that there were a few different viewpoints, so where do you get the best view in Bled?


It’s worth starting with a warning that the best viewpoints (even the most accessible of them) are not just a bit of a climb, but a proper clamber. The most iconic views come from three viewpoints called Ojstrica, Mala Osojnica and Velika Osojnica. The route to all viewpoints starts from the South-West bank of the lake. At first there’s a climb up past a few houses and then up what looks like a dry stony riverbed – it’s not but I imagine it looks pretty much like a river when it’s raining. I would definitely advise wearing sensible shoes, comfortable clothes (I went kitted out in full workout gear) and packing water and maybe a snack, this is definitely more hike than stroll. It doesn’t look too steep but it is a real tester of a hike, pretty though as you wind your way through the woods.



The first viewpoint that you get to is Ojstrica. Branching off from the main trail you climb up a rocky outcrop to a viewpoint looking out over the trees – there’s no health and safety rails here, it’s definitely not one to attempt in inclement weather conditions. We visited more than once, once to suss it out and then again as part of a longer hike up to the other viewpoints (hence why the sun is shining in some of my photos and not in others).


Don’t fancy perching on the rocks? There’s a bench up there where you can sit and contemplate the view, which is excellent, especially on a sunny day.


After clambering down back to the trail you can continue on up the hill to the two higher viewpoints – Mala Osojnica (685m) and Velika Osojnica (756m).

Mala Osojnica

At a fork in the path you choose one or the other viewpoints, we went to try and find Mala Osojnica first but I must admit that we struggled. After the fork the proper signs run out and arrows and dots on trees start. It’s all very Alice in Wonderland and at points you find red arrows pointing in opposite directions on the same tree. We eventually found ourselves at a bench looking out onto a gorge but couldn’t seem to find our way onto the right side of the hill which I knew should give us a view out onto the lake.

Velika Osojnica

Giving up on Mala Osojnica, we headed back to the main path and headed on the trail to Velika Osojnica. Again, not signposted, it was probably more guesswork than anything else that got us to the viewpoint in the end as we did have a few false turns and there was nobody else on the trail when we were. But, after steep climbs and clambering up hills and over branches, we made it to the top and were rewarded with a gorgeous view down over the lake. If you don’t fancy spending a few hours exerting yourself, then the view from Ojstrica will probably be enough for you, but if you fancy a good leg work out, then hiking up to Velika Osojnica does give you a great view, undisturbed by others.


Bled Castle

An alternative option would be to visit Bled Castle and see the view from there. Looking West rather than East it offers an alternative viewpoint over the lake and you get a bird’s eye view of the lake and all of the boats on the lake. You could always do what we did and visit for dinner at Bled Castle.



Of course, if you aren’t up for a climb for an aerial view, the best view of Bled can be found from the wooden boulevard on the South West side of the lake, just south of the rowing club and campsite near where the trails to the viewpoints start.


We were pretty damn lucky to stay in a wonderful Airbnb in Bled with a great view (and kayaks so we could see it all from the water), but Bled is just gorgeous from any angle, in fact, it might actually be the most beautiful place I’ve ever been. We definitely want to go back.

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  • It’s just so beautiful from all angles! A bit annoying about the sign posting.. there’s nothing worse than getting lost when you’ve exerted yourself so much! The views more than make up for it though 🙂 xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Life, Travel, Italy

  • Have already bookmarked this when I (eventually) decide to go… winter is *probably* not the best time, ha!

  • Fairytale-beautiful! I feel like that little island on the lake could be straight out of a Studio Ghibli movie – it’s ridiculously picturesque. I’d visit Slovenia for this view alone! x

    Tamsin | A Certain Adventure

  • alice

    Love reading this.

    Alice Cerea