Christmas at Kew


I mentioned a while ago that I ended up signing up to be a Friend of Kew and wrote about my visit to Kew Gardens in autumn. Now we’ve realised that it’s actually pretty easy to get over to Kew on the District Line, we’re trying to make the most of my membership. At the end of November my mum came down for a pre-Christmas weekend and so I thought I’d take her to Kew. Rather than go in the day, I decided to book tickets for Christmas at Kew, a nighttime trail of light installations running through the gardens.


The light installations vary in nature, there are those which flicker and change in time to music and those which are less interactive, like the fire-lit Days of Christmas section.

kewchristmas003 kewchristmas006 kewchristmas007

We didn’t go in for queuing for food or anything, but I was tempted by a stall selling boozy marshmallows which could be toasted over nearby firepits. Unlike some marshmallows, they melted perfectly, turning gooey and delicious rather than quickly getting sticky and burnt. Such a good idea from the organisers.

kewchristmas008 kewchristmas009

The finale came across the water from the Palm House, where Christmas music accompanied a light show of lasers, projections and movement. A fleeting glimpse of Santa in his sleigh drew a little gasp of surprise from everyone.


It’s not a cheap visit (although Friends of Kew do get a discount) and whilst some of the lights were stunning, some were more underwhelming, but it was the perfect way to get us starting to feel festive very early in the season.

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  • Wooow this is gorgeous! So jealous, great post! 🙂
    x Kenzie //

  • Your photos are on point, Lisa! And I really like the idea of those marshmallows!

  • I love this last photo, it’s incredible! Sounds like a lovely thing to do with your Mum 🙂 I especially like the sound of the marshmallows, yummm! xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Life, Travel, Italy