Orchid Festival at Kew Gardens

A day on which it’s snowing in London might not seem like the obvious choice on which to go and see orchids, a notoriously finicky plant. Safely encased in a glasshouse in Kew though are perhaps thousands of them (well, hundreds at least). Kew’s Princes of Wales Conservatory is usually home to a variety of weird and wonderful plants from ten different climatic zones, butΒ until 5 March it’s playing host to the Orchid Festival, a celebration of India’s plants and culture.

Dotted throughout the Conservatory are floral displays made out of orchids, including a peacock, a national symbol of India…

and a rickshaw pulled by a moss man…

Orchids adorn supports, hang from the roof and reflect in pools of water. The tropical atmosphere and sights, albeit not sounds (the promised Indian soundscape wasn’t playing when we got there at 10am) of India filled the glasshouse.

Indian flower garlands dangle above lily ponds containing circling catfish…

and friendly tigers with petal teeth and claws lurk in the bushes…

The most established of the orchids were in the orchid room, the ones below were my favourite – aren’t they gorgeous?!

The Orchid Festival descends upon Kew each year but with a different theme. If you want to catch this year’s Indian-themed display, you have until 5 March to get over there, it’s a visual feast. Plus, it’s included as standard in Kew entry (or free if you’re a Friend of Kew, as we are).

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  • I LOVE orchids. This looks like a lot of fun.

    <a href="http://stampplease.blogspot.com/"Stamp, Please! Travel and Life

  • So many orchids! Looks incredible. I think my favourite is the ones in the last photo, that colour!

    nat // dignifiable

  • Wow this is pretty impressive. I’ve still not made it to Kew Gardens before, eek! Good to see that you’re making the most of your season ticket though, it must be lovely watching the gardens change throughout the year! xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Life, Travel, Italy

  • Totally didn’t this would be part of the standard Kew entry! So many orchids, they always remind of my childhood when my mum brought home a potted orchid plant for our balcony (I grew up living in an apartment) πŸ™‚ can’t wait to visit Kew in the spring again.

    Cherie ❊ sinonym