March 2017: This month I have mostly been…

Feeling: Squinty

Ok, so I haven’t mostly been squinty all month, only for the last week, but it’s felt like an eternity. A week ago on a Friday I woke up feeling like I had something in my eye, the pain got worse over the course of the day and it got to the point where it hurt to keep my eye open or look at bright light. It wasn’t any better on Saturday and unable to get somebody at my optician to take a look at it, I ended up going to A&E/Primary Care when I was at home for Mother’s Day (Happy Mother’s Day mum, here’s your daughter, home with a gammy eye). The on call eye doctor said it looked like an ulcer or something on my cornea and I was given eye drops to take intensively (every half an hour) before coming back the next day in order to check it was improving and wasn’t getting worse. If you wear contact lenses then you’ll have been warned about the possibility of an eye infection caused by an amoeba which is more likely to affect contact lens wearers than the rest of the population. The concern was that it might be that. It seems to have improved with the drops and I went to Moorfields on the Monday morning for follow-up and they seemed unconcerned. However, I still need to take the drops for a week (not too problematic) and also not wear my lenses for a month (more of a problem). I can’t believe the timing. I did nothing in March, now it’s April and I have all sorts of fun things lined up – Secret Cinema Moulin Rouge next weekend, a trip to Munich and then at the very end of the month, a glamping trip (which I’m hoping to be back wearing lenses for). I feel like I’m 12 again and hiding behind my glasses, hate it, but, of course, grateful for my sight.

Reading: Alone in Berlin by Hans Fallada

So I can apparently rely upon my own taste (but not my memory).

I bought the top copy of Alone in Berlin maybe last year and it’s been sitting on my ‘to be read’ pile since then.

Although I’ve been in London for nearly six years I still have loads of books (accumulated from the time I lived at home, through university and during the four years after I graduated) at my mum’s house. Lots are still on the shelves in my bedroom and there are even more in the garage that weren’t allowed in the house. Every time I go home I wrap a few (or as many as I can carry) up in my clothes and bring them back down to London in my suitcase. Among my shelves I found, guess what, another copy of Alone in Berlin. I must have bought it years ago and overlooked it on my shelf because I’ve never read it.

After consulting Instagram, I have decided to read the less pretty copy (on the left in the above photo) and then set it free into the wild (possibly tracking it via Bookcrossing), keeping the pretty copy on the right for myself. Sorry, but I am judging a book by its cover in this instance.

Watching: Girls

I bought the first season of Girls years ago when Lena Dunham was touted as the voice of my generation (Lena is only two weeks younger than me). However, my purchase of Girls coincided with my boyfriend moving down to London. He is very much not of my generation (being 17 years older than me) and I didn’t think he’d appreciate it in the same way I would. Now I’m not one to not watch something for a man (he couldn’t break the Made in Chelsea habit and in fact came to love it like I do, as a guilty pleasure) but living in a studio type set up at the time meant compromises and picking and choosing things the other would generally at least tolerate. So Girls was put on the backburner until we moved out and recently I started watching it. Over the course of the last month or so I’ve worked my way through to season 5 (it helps that each season is only 10 episodes of 30 minutes each).

I’m quite enjoying it. I’m not sure how many I like, but it’s actually nice seeing characters who actually aren’t always likeable (in any way). I sort of feel like a lot of it reflects how so many of us stumbled through that late-teens, early 20s stage in life when we all made mistakes, did things we wouldn’t do again and generally got to care little for the consequences. I’m not sure I’d go back to that time, so it”s a nice way to cathartically live out that care-free period of time (and watch it go to levels I never would have taken it to).

Planning: Nothing

Oh gosh isn’t that dull? I have spent most of March being quite busy at work (hence the slight drop in blogging) and most of the stuff I have in the pipeline has been planned and sorted for ages. No holidays have been booked, nothing exciting pencilled in. I’ve just been plodding along as normal, living in the moment. Sometimes I don’t think that’s such a bad thing. I’m not embracing every moment or anything like that, but I’m not wishing time away either. I’m just living.

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  • Honeypot Blogs

    Oh no! No one wants a squinty eye, I really hope it gets better soon dear! I’m on the hunt for a new book so let me know what you think of Alone in Berlin!xx

  • Oh gosh, an ulcer sounds super painful! Hope you’re feeling back to your usual self soon!! I’ve managed to do that too, I bought two copies of the Miniaturist (and my mum already had one as well!) xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua