April 2017: This month I have mostly been…

Feeling:Β Like a hamster on a wheel

I’ve been super busy in April, hence the lack of blog posts. It’s been year end at work and I’ve had deadlines and holidays to work around as well which always mean lots of work before and after. It’s been a slog and I’ve been trying to prioritise but inevitably some things slip through the net. I’m catching up a bit more now, but need to make sure to do things that make me happy and prevent me from forgetting to just enjoy everything and appreciate everything I have (even when it feels like I’m falling behind, I know how lucky I am really).

Reading: Alone in Berlin by Hans Fallada

I’m still reading Alone in Berlin and although I can’t say that I am completely absorbed in it or invested in many of the characters, I am interested in seeing where it’s going, especially as it’s based loosely on a true story.

We stopped off at Whitstable briefly on the way back from our recent glamping trip and stumbled upon Harbour Books, an excellent bookshop selling a selection of new releases, classics at a reasonable price and books by local authors. I picked up a small stack of books, the one I’m most excited by being The Power by Naomi Alderman. So I’ve got to get reading!

Watching: Casting JonBenet

Ok, so technically I watched this the other night, ie. in May, but by the time the end of the month rolls around I’m sure I will have forgotten all about it and it’s too genius not to share.

I’m not sure why but I have a slight fascination with the JonBenet Ramsey case and have watched a number of documentaries about it. This new Netflix documentary is a bit out of the ordinary, it’s not about the case as such, instead it’s about how people project their views of a case like that onto the case, without any basis for their views other than what they’ve heard in the news. It shows amateur actors from Boulder, Colorado (where the murder took place) sort of auditioning for roles as the main players in the case. You probably do need some knowledge of the case so that it all makes sense, ie. the reason they have the little boy smashing a watermelon with a torch is because there is a theory that he killed his sister with a blow to the skull by a torch that was on the kitchen counter after she ate some of his pineapple.

It’s jaw-dropping and hilarious, despite the very sad subject. Watch it!

Planning: To have a quiet few months

My finances, my dissertation and my general well-being will definitely benefit from some quiet time, not spent rushing around, not trying to do everything, just a bit of time to collect myself again and then I can crack on again with a vengeance.

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  • I loved the JonBenet documentary – the way it was put together was so clever, even if it feels weird to “enjoy” such a program I was hooked. x

  • Sounds like you definitely need some quiet time! I haven’t heard of the JonBenet Ramsay case but I am developing a rather morbid fascination with true crime (best kind of podcast for running, imho) so this sounds verrry interesting! xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua