• L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele

    There’s been an awful lot of fuss made over a tiny no reservation pizza joint in Stoke Newington, an import from Naples and made internationally famous by Eat Pray Love, which was originally a book ... Read more
  • Margot, London

    Whilst I don’t really believe in luck in a general life sense (I think a lot of being lucky is working hard, good preparation and persistence along with a healthy dose of chance), I do ... Read more
  • The Stable, Whitechapel

    I moved to Whitechapel in 2011 and whilst I definitely wasn’t part of the first wave of young professionals that moved to the area finding it still relatively (!) cheap given its proximity to the ... Read more
  • Pizza Union, Spitalfields

    I love it when you reach that stage living somewhere where you haveΒ reliable and local go-to restaurants for every cuisine. We have our favourite chippy sorted, our favourite Chinese, our favourite Mexican (all coincidentally on ... Read more