• Broadway Market

    Now that summer has turned into, well, let’s be honest, winter, I’m already missing lazy sunny weekends strolling around London. Of course, winter isn’t a reason to stop exploring but it does mean a great ... Read more
  • Borough Market: A photo post

    Borough Market lies just across the bridge from my office and so while I avoid it on a busy weekend, I do get to visit sometimes at lunch mid-week when it’s often a little quieter. Borough ... Read more
  • Columbia Road Flower Market

    I’m not sure if it’s just me, but with a full-time job, I find that Saturdays are the days when I get things done. I naturally tend to wake up early on Saturdays, admittedly not ... Read more
  • A very wet Sunday at Dalston Food Market

    November would seem like an unlikely time to launch a new food market (the prime months for browsing food markets being the warmer summer months), but that’s exactly what the people behind Dalston Food Market ... Read more
  • Wapping Market

    Wapping Market Sunday food market East LondonI always read about Londoners who spend their weekend mornings at food markets before going home and knocking up a fabulous lunch with some local produce, I read about those Londoners while I am lying ... Read more
  • Good Food Market St Katherine Docks

    It’s rare that I’m first on any scene, instead being the girl who is late to every party. So it’s typical that two weeks before my employer moves offices to another part of London, I ... Read more
  • KERB Gherkin

    Sometimes I sit at my desk at lunch staring at my limp Tesco sandwich and wish for something a little more exciting. Normally there’s nothing I can do about it other than sit and whinge ... Read more