• Kayak hire from Moo Canoes

    I’ve written before about how my boyfriend and I like messing around in the water and so far, we’ve rowed and canoed but never kayaked. We’re off to Slovenia in a few weeks and are ... Read more
  • Chocolate and macaron masterclass at La Cucina Caldesi

    My Christmas presents this year mostly came in little envelopes containing vouchers. I love experiences over material things and so my family had decided to get me a few things to do in London. So ... Read more
  • Healthy cookery class at the Smart School of Cookery

    One of my most popular blog posts is one from last year when, together with other bloggers, I spent a night trying to get out of a room at HintHunt (I promise it was more ... Read more
  • Cake School at Konditor & Cook

    It’s funny that I only recently wrote about my education and then along came an opportunity to expand my skills in a way I hadn’t considered before by spending a night enrolled at Cake School. ... Read more
  • My favourite places: Genesis Cinema

    When it was announced that Orange Wednesdays would be ending in February there was a general outcry of dismay on Twitter. Coming from a town with one chain cinema, I can understand why, for a ... Read more
  • A lazy afternoon in London – Daunt Books, Wallace Collection and Truc Vert

    Some weekends I have a real plan as to what I’m going to do and those tend to be the weekends when I’m rushing from one thing to another and yet some weekends are at ... Read more
  • Swingers mini golf

    When your colleagues ask you on a Friday night what you’re up to over the weekend and you reply that you’re going to a place called ‘Swingers’, you’re bound to get some odd looks, even ... Read more
  • The Art of the Brick

    Everyone loves Lego, right? I mean, how can you not? It’s the most versatile toy ever! When I was a child I loved the stuff (I still do really but it’s been a while since ... Read more
  • HintHunt London: the escape game

    If you had to guess at the top rated London attractions on Tripadvisor, you’d probably guess at things like the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Les Miserables, Lion King, any number of big tourist draws, right?Well, ... Read more
  • Naughty London Tour: Sex, drugs and sausage rolls

    So you live in London, you work here, you wander round at lunch and on weekends, you know exactly where you’re going without having to resort to Google maps, that means you know London, right? Well, ... Read more
  • Blood swept lands and seas of red

    I’m sure most people are by now aware of the art installation/memorial at the Tower of London – Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red – and I know it’s been featured on a number ... Read more
  • Architectural tour of the Gherkin

    When I wrote about my trip to the British Museum and spoke about how much I love the Great Court (designed by Foster + Partners), I hinted that there would be more on Foster + ... Read more
  • Documentary Film Club

    I’m not sure that I’ve mentioned on this blog about my love of documentaries. There’s something about getting a glimpse into another world, whether that be Crufts competitors, video gamers or Bronies, that intrigues me. ... Read more
  • Brick Lane Street Art

    Most people probably know Brick Lane for its curry (hands up Londoners who haven’t drunkenly ended up there at some point) or maybe from Monica Ali’s novel Brick Lane. I thought I’d share a few pictures ... Read more
  • God’s Own Junkyard

    A visit to God’s Own Junkyard was massively overdue for me, it’s one of those things that I’ve been meaning to do for ages but never quite got around to. The Bracey family, and Chris Bracey, ... Read more
  • Yo Sushi! Sushi School Rice and Rolls – review

    I never ate sushi until I came to London as sadly the options in the East Midlands are a bit limited, there’s a Yo Sushi but nothing else, the only other options are the sushi ... Read more