I’m very fortunate that as a child my nan and grandad shared their love of cruising with us by taking us on holiday each year and so I saw a lot of the world (or at least the bits with coastlines anyway) at a young age. Their love of travel was passed on to me and so as an adult I have continued to travel and explore new places.

This page is designed to link to the travel-related blog posts I’ve written since this blog started in late 2013. Click on the region of the world map you’re interested in and then, on the next pages, choose the country and city.

As I continue to travel and explore the world I hope to turn more of the countries on the maps blue.


Upcoming travels:

Lincoln, England

Bristol, England
Bilbao, Spain

Budapest, Hungary

Winchester, England
Copenhagen, Denmark
Stockholm, Sweden
Tallinn, Estonia
St Petersburg, Russia
Berlin, Germany

Lake Bled and Ljubljana, Slovenia